The Key in Fulfilling Your Destiny

What does it really take to get from Point A to Point B? In the past, I have talked about how there are actually two points before you get to the t d jakesgoal point in any endeavor. Point one is when you get involved in any particular business. The second point (that fewer people ever reach) happens when you decide to be committed to following the proven recipe to create your success. Today T.D. Jakes discusses getting to this point and why it is so important!





Get Committed!

Would You Like to get Paid to share Success Videos?


It’s the dead of winter and people are slipping and sliding their way to a job

but not you!

You are sitting by the fireplace

You have your feet up

You have your laptop in your …lap

and you are making money!!!

No 3-way calls

No cleaning spills from house parties

No bugging friends and family

No hijacking strangers in the mall

Just making money!!

You think back and remember the day you took the 3 steps

that brought you the success you seek!

What are the 3 steps?

1) you clicked here,

2) you filled out the form,

3) you hit submit the form, we locked arms, and

created magic!


Is it really that simple?

Well, let me put it to you this way. I am currently getting paid to promote this success video! And the best part? I love helping people! I get to pick and choose the videos that I want to share and blog about, and I am compensated by the advertising on the side of each of my blog posts. When people click the ads and enter their email address, they are sent out a series of dozens of high converting emails, all with my affiliate code. And if they choose to click through and purchase anything, then I get paid a referral commission! And all that I do is blog about topics that I love, and get paid to do it! In fact, this entire blog that you see here was created for me! All I do is plug and play by putting my articles in, and then sharing them on Facebook and social media. There is a Step by Step Blogging Guide that shows you exactly how to get started. So if you are interested in earning extra income, working from home, in your pajamas, then CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW so that you can get started. You will thank me later šŸ™‚

So…..When would now be a good time to start your success story?

1) click here,

2) fill out the form,

3) submit the form

Author: Tony

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Amen!!!! Wish I could have seen more! Even watching on my iPhone at home, he makes me want to jump up and raise my hand!!! That's some powerful stuff, my friend!!!


very good Tony thanks for sharing

Don Walker
Don Walker

Hey Tony...I love to read about different perspectives on Success....Bishop T.D. Jakes is a testament to the power of Faith in Action...Thanks for sharing!


You are welcome! He fires me up too!