The 2 things you get from Lifelong Learning


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Author: Tony

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Hans Schoff
Hans Schoff

I like how Jim Rohn puts it: Set a goal to become a millionaire, not for the money, but for what it will MAKE of you to become one (you've got to learn and grow a bunch to get there!).


Learning and growing continually, and changing things up, when need be, are the key to surviving and thriving in this industry. It's an ever-evolving industry and we must adapt, as well, to changes.


Being consistent is critical.  It's OK to modify what you currently do or add additional things AS LONG AS THE MAIN STUFF GETS DONE.  I think people don't realize how important that is.  Learning new things is essential as 'things' always change.  Being consistent in the learning and doing will yield results.

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Wow, some great infor here, I need to get a more definate DMO down, that will work for while around doing my regular full time job. I need and I need to make a more defined time for doing my personal developement. Thanks for the great and helpful information.