“Sucses” secrets of a man called Buckwheat

You misspelled sucses…or did you?

You may have found this posting on success because you misspelled sucses on an internet search. Well I submit to you that you are not here by accident. In fact, there may be a solid reason understand Buckwheat’s version of “sucses”.




How did Buckwheat define sucses?

Earl Nightingale, the founder of the personal development empire, Nightingale Conant always defined sucses as the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal or dream.  I think you will find that although Buckwheat probably never heard of Earl Nightingale, he did, perhaps by accident, apply this philosophy in how he lived his life.


Sucses habits practiced by Buckwheat

The first and obvious sucses habit that Buckwheat used was his positive mental attitude.  As you can see from his pictures from a youth (right) to his years as a young adult, that through any adversities that he face, he displayed an attitude that everything was “otay”!



The second sucses habit that Buckwheat displayed was his mastery of teamwork and diversity.  In a time in America’s history where words such as cultural diversity and even civil rights were not even known, Buckwheat created relationships of sucses with people from all types of backgrounds.  The following video is an example of this!

The third and last sucses habit I will discuss today is Buckwheat’s ability to get out of his comfort zone. As you can see in the video below, regardless of any deficiencies in his ability to enunciate correctly, he had the courage to get in front of people and risk rejection in order to get his message across!

You might think, is this guy serious?  Let me tell you something my mother told me:  You can learn something from anyone.  In some cases they may be an example and in others they may be a warning.  You see, as I mentioned before, one of his most endearing traits was his attitude.  You will be hard pressed to find a picture of him posing where he is not smiling.  Tony Robbins once said that when you change your physiology by doing something as simple as smiling, it changes your attitude and truly your state.


Sucses Final Thoughts

When you take the time to step back and consider all of this, you see that Buckwheat was on to something with these sucses habits.  Imagine how positioned you will be when, in every situation you find yourself, you practice these habits:

1) have a positive attitude – even when everything is not going your way,

2) work together well with people of all races, religions, and backgrounds to reach a shared goal, and

3) be willing to, as a t-shirt I saw recently says, risk rejection.  Getting out of your comfort zone and even being willing to be laughed at initially – having the faith that in the end, you will get the last laugh!

Aren’t you glad you took this slight detour to learn more about sucses? I thank you for taking the time to review this post.  Hopefully you will see that applying these sucses habits can be life changing!  Not long ago, I learned about an innovative way to apply these sucses habits in my life.  The result has been not only great for me but I have also been able to help others create their own definition of sucses!


So how can you apply these simple but powerful lessons to your life?!?!?!!  Well, there are many ways but let me show you what I consider the best one I have ever found:




You too can be a sucses 🙂

Have a great day!








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Author: Tony

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