Saturday Morning Power Breakfast: The Hardest Thing You will HAVE to do to be Successful and Q&A

Today in the Saturday Morning Power Breakfast, we will discuss some hard truths and answer your questions!   Refresh this page to Tune in here live Saturdays from 10:00 to 10:30AM EST (refresh the page)  or catch the replay here! You can submit questions to:

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Author: Tony

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seapor 1 Like

Thanks for sharing.

KarenRae 1 Like

I heard something many years ago about luck. A successful business person was ask why are you so "lucky", his answer was, I am willing and work for it. so true! We are in our "lucky streak" !

Hans Schoff
Hans Schoff 1 Like

you become like the 5 people you most closely surround yourself with

dtyner2011 1 Like

You make great points in this hangout. I recently "disconnected" from a friend that always left me feeling unsure, like you spoke about. It has been refreshing!

Don Walker
Don Walker 1 Like

There is a lot of truth in who you work with and surround yourself around...Be like water...

rpokorny 1 Like

Was that Fiji water? 

We really do need to be careful who we associate with and allow to be an influence in our life.

gounrulyjulie 1 Like

Tell it like it is, man!  If you're going to win, you need to surround yourself with winners and DO what winners do. 

Elizabeth A Redd
Elizabeth A Redd 1 Like

Just what the doctor ordered today Tony. Thanks for sharing just what I'm in need of.