How parents can create online jobs for their teens

Is there a way to create online jobs for teens?online jobs for teens


As a parent, are you concerned with having your teenager spend their energy building someone else’s dream when they could be working on their own (or even one for the entire family).  You can do this by creating online jobs for teens like yours. You see in today’s connected world, your teen has more marketable technical knowledge than college graduates had just a few years ago.

How did they get these technical skills?  Passively, by mastering social media such as Facebook and Twitter.  Also by learning how to use apps to solve everyday challenges.


First steps to online jobs for teens


Fortunately most money making activities will require them to be at least 18 years of age.  This is good because it provides them with protection.  There are a lot of scams out there that even fool us adults.  Let’s keep our kids safe!


Now if your teen is not 18 years of age, as a parent, there is a lot that you can do to get the business established in your name and allow your teen to work in it.  This can work exceptional well.  I personally know of a 13 year old who made thousands of dollars working in a business that was in his parent’s name.  With these types of online jobs for teens, the teen gets the benefit of being able to make money from home on their own schedule.  That way schoolwork can get done first!

The parents get the benefit of knowing that their child is working safely at home in an activity that can make them very marketable to Fortune 500 companies in the future or even set them up to have their own successful business.  Retirement is a function of money not age,  Therefore they could graduate retired!  Sounds crazy huh?


Imagine them having a life where they can contribute to society on their own terms doing those things that they enjoy.  I know you wish that better kind of life for them.  It can start right now as you get an understanding on how to put together online jobs for teens.


Other benefits of online jobs for teens


The other big benefit of “online jobs for teens” is that, as a parent, you can learn new things that will help you with your current profession (or maybe even help you make a transition to a better one).  Also, see your tax accountant for details but there are a number of tax benefits available to you when build a business from home.  These home office  benefits could be responsible for savings today while you new family business gets to a place of profit in the near future.


Other potential benefits for the teen include;  1) business organizational skills, 2) marketing skills, 3)people skills, and 4) the tapping of their creativity.


So what kinds of online jobs for teens are best?

My recommendation is that you start them off with a blog.  Know this your teen has an area of interest.  If they will put their thoughts on that interest on their own blog, there is an audience waiting to hear their thoughts.  One of the drivers of the internet is content.  Content is just a fancy way to say that they are sharing information that someone wants to see.  The other part is how to make your content reach those people.  I will share that on a future post!


So how can you apply these simple but powerful lessons to  creating online jobs for teens?!?!?!!  Well, there are many ways but let me show you what I consider the best one I have ever found to get you started out right:





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