Making Money Having Fun

The Concept of Making Money Having Fun

I am so excited to share this with you as an example of how you can make money having fun!  You see a blog is a great format for sharing things that you are excited about!  I have never understood the idea of putting your best content of free services like Facebook where you have no control.

making money having fun

making money having fun


The Significance of this video

Now speaking of having something special to share, to really understand this you have to understand the history.

Prince has always been super particular about not letting his music get out there so much.  In recent years, he has put out albums that have sadly gone under the radar.  There  has always a demand to hear some of his older stuff.

So many people became familiar with Prince as a result of the movie Purple Rain, but there was a time when fewer people knew about him.  Growing up in Detroit there was a DJ called the Electrifying Mojo who would play Prince music.  Not just the relatively minor hits like “Soft and Wet”  and “I want to be your lover” but also the other cuts off of his albums.

It was considered a mark of coolness if you were into Prince back then because many did not know he existed.  This extremely rare video comes from a time just before the world would come to know and embrace Prince.  It is as raw as his music was back then.  I am surprised by the relatively great quality of this recording.  For best results, sit at your computer for this one.  Plug your speakers in and kick back and enjoy something that I have only been able to tell people about – because they were not there!

Here you will see the Revolution before they were the Revolution and you will also see some of the stage antics that have become the stuff of legend over time.

Again to really get this, you have to understand that no one was making music like this at the time.  The way he brought together rock and soul, as well as, people from all backgrounds is something that continues to influence  me up to the present day in my band, Marble Park


With all of this in mind, sit back and enjoy this special presentation.  And if the video has been taken down by the time you see this, don’t say I did not warn you.  Come back often so that you know when I make my next additions to this blog!


Prince Rogers Nelson was born on June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  After the video above was created, Prince made his Hollywood debut in the movie, Purple Rain.  Before then he had started get popular acclaim due to the hits, 1999 and Little Red Corvette off of the 1999 album.  But Purple Rain would prove to be a game changer resulting a number of hit singles, videos. At this point Prince was one of the top 3 most popular musicians of the day – along with Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jackson.  This prolific artist has not only written hits for himself.


 My approach to Making Money Having Fun

I hope you enjoyed this special presentation and got a feeling for how I use tools like this to make sure that I am making money having fun.  To get the full scoop on how I do that, contact me and we can talk!  Please be sure to give this post some social media love by clicking on the Facebook, Google+, etc. buttons and also tell me what you thought in the comments.


Have an awesome day!




Author: Tony

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