How to Get A Woman to Whisper in your ear All Night Long!



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Author: Tony

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networkingmama 1 Like

Great insight, Tony... I def get more understanding and clarity each subsequent time I listen to an audio. Thanks for sharing :)

HansSchoff 1 Like

When I drive in my truck, I just relisten to the same Jim Rohn CDs over and over.  I've probably heard them 20 times and could probably recite them to you.  Yet STILL, I get something new out of them each time, I learn something more every time.  It's like magic...

gounrulyjulie 1 Like

Amen.  This is truth and it works.  You will always hear a little bit more every single time you listen to the same audio....

sisseck 1 Like

I liked today's blog post, espically the part about listening or watching a audio or clip 7 times or until you feel that you got it in your core being, all because it reasonated with you for some reason. You don't just listen to it once and then move on but you digest it so to speak.