How I am releasing over a pound a day without ever being hungry!

I was planning on recording a video for you about this but honestly, as a father,  I am still reeling from the events in Connecticut.  The reminder though is the preciousness of life and how we must do all we can to protect it!  With that in mind, I wanted to continue my discussion from last Saturday on the benefits of nutritional excellence.  The concepts in Forks Over Knives are great but how do you put them in action?  One approach is to use a program designed by the son of one of the scientists spotlighted in that meeting.

The Engine2Diet takes the concepts of Forks Over Knives and makes them “guy” friendly with a number of foods that you will recognize made over for nutritional excellence

Also, he has a movie which is also available on NetFlix which shows him walking families through making these changes to their diet.  In addition, he has a great website with recipes and other information at  In fact, the lasagna you see above was the first meal I prepared using the recipe on the website…and it was GOOOOD!

I will cut a video soon sharing my results so far with this life change, as well as introduce you to a Chef that has been a key factor in my new success!  In the meantime, stay blessed and be encouraged!


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I have one problem. I will not eat tomatoes! I will eat tomato sauce and ketchup but no raw or cooked tomatoes! How do you get through a diet like this when you cant eat tomatoes? Congratulations for doing this for yourself and the people who love you!! You rock my friend!!!!!!!:)


One of the benefits I am told is that your taste buds change as you abandon those killing foods. I am starting to see it myself and can tell you that I already enjoy several foods I used to shun!