How Do Bloggers Make Money?

Answering the question of How Do Bloggers Make Money

How Do Bloggers Make Money

How Do Bloggers Make Money


How do Bloggers Make Money?  On the surface, it seems a little weird doesn’t it?   To think that you can actually get paid for putting articles on a website?!?!  But it is true:  there are literally people making six and seven figure incomes by blogging.  So how do they do it?


Habits of Successful Bloggers


How Do Bloggers Make Money?



First, they bring value to the table.  I once heard a mentor of mine say that the purpose of content that you place on the internet is to “end search”.  What he meant was that when someone found your blog by doing a search, your blog should answer the question that they were looking for an answer to.  So they here is to do some research that shows you the kinds of questions that people are asking.  When I work with someone on my team who is looking to develop this skill, I introduce them to team-only training that shows how to do this effectively and efficiently.  The goal is to be able to do this research in just a few minutes.


Second, they bring consistency.  People want to know that they can come back on a regular basis and get new information.  Just today I had someone contact me about a video blog series that I do called the Saturday Morning Power Breakfast.  It has been on hiatus while the new incredible system that I am promoting got established.  But that is what you want – to be consistent, that when you take some time off, you are missed!


Third, they bring brevity.  Face it! We live in a post MTV generation.  People frankly don’t have time for long content.  They want the facts and then to get out there and move toward the next target.  If you long winded (or long worded) you will lose people because like that recent internet sensation said, “Aint Nobody Got Time Fo Dat”


Lastly, they find a way to monetize their content.  What is that?  A fancy way to say that they find ways to make money with their content.  Ways to do this include:

1) banners – you can either use them to promote something that you are selling or sell that space to advertisers through a service like BuySellAds,

2) calls to action – this is a statement, typically toward the end of a blog post, that directs you to a next action to take.  Again this can be to do some for you and a products or service you are marketing.  Alternatively, you can sell traffic from your website to other advertisers, and

3) pop-ups – these are marketing messages that appear when you take some action on a website.  They can be trigger by landing on the website, clicking in a certain area on the website, or even attempting to leave the website.  Again, they can be used for both yours and someone else’s products.


Final thoughts on How Do Bloggers Make Money

In truth there are many ways to make money blogging.  They key is to get started right where you are.  You see, when you do a blog post you are creating real estate on the internet.  That is an asset that can pay you for years after you have created the post.  I have many friends that are continuing to receive an income from blog posts that they have done years before!

This very website can be considered an answer to the question; “How Do Bloggers Make Money” . So how can you start making money?  Well the first step is checking out the information below:





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