Goal Setting Activities You Can Do Today

Goal Setting Activities You Can Do Todaygoal setting activities

Why is it so important to do goal setting activities? Because when you do goal setting activities you engage each of your senses.  What’s more you can do these goal setting activities often for free or at a very low cost!  In addition, you can involve others in your goal setting activities to encourage them in reaching their goals as well!


Goal Setting Activities Ideas


Goal Setting Activities: A different home

If your goal is perhaps a different home than the one you live in today, an easy thing to do is to attend an open house.  In doing this I encourage you to be very honest with the owner or Realtor concerning not only your level of interest but also the time frame in which you will make a buying decision.  This will preclude having them spending time following up with you if you are not yet in a position to make a move.

In Ohio, where I live their are a number of “home show” that are excellent to attend if getting a new abode is a hot button for you!  Here they are put on by a local group of builders and given names such as the “Parade of Homes” and “Homearama”.  These shows are often done with new builds but I have also seen them done with new construction.  I encourage you to check with your local builder’s association to learn the dates and locations of those home shows near you!


Goal Setting Activities: A different vehicle

The obvious thing to do if you are looking for a new vehicle is to go to a local dealership and test drive your goal vehicle.  Once again, I will encourage you to be upfront with your time frame for making a purchase.  In both, the case with a new home above and with the vehicle, you may find that the seller becomes a powerful ally in getting you to your goals – giving you value insights on market changes, sales and promotions!


Goal Setting Activities:  Supporting Causes

Now, your goals might be somewhat more alturistic with an emphasis on helping others.  In that case I would encourage you to take steps now to learn more about the causes you want to support more in the future.  Examples of these activities would include volunteering in a soup kitchen to experience where your donation dollars go or attending banquets or other informational events where you get up close and personal with what the results of your giving will be.


Goal Setting Activities Final Thoughts

There are obviously many more goal setting activities you can do!  In fact, for practically every goal you set, there is a “goal setting activity” that you can use to further solidify that goal in your mind, body and spirit.  Once you have that goal in mind, you can seek out ways to accelerate your progress toward the goal(s).  When it comes to goals that require money, I have found a very exciting solution!



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