Fantastic Four Reboot Cast

What is so important about the Fantastic Four Reboot Cast?

There is a lot of talk about the upcoming Fantastic Four Reboot Cast and it makes sense.  Comic book movies have become big business and as we can see with the case of Robert Downey, Jr. in the Iron Man and Avengers franchises.  The right casting can mean the success or failure of not only a potential movie franchise but also the career of the attached actor or actress.

Case in point, two recent superhero films that failed to meet expectations were Green Lantern which starred Ryan Reynolds and Batman and Robin which starred George Clooney and Arnold!

Fortunately for Ryan Reynolds, he is getting a second chance to create a comic book movie franchise with the upcoming DeadPool movie (which is based on a Marvel character, rather than Green Lantern which was a DC character).  The bad news is, that what could have been a great franchise for Green Lantern instead will result in the future Justice Leaguer only showing up as a team character.  This is similar to what is being done to the Hulk in the current set of Marvel movies.

Fortunately for the Batman franchise, a director name Christopher Nolan showed up and did a very different reality based take on the Caped Crusader.  As a result, he was able to restore the Batman franchise to not only box office success but also cultural relevance.

Now with the Spider-man franchise producing diminishing returns since its’ recent reboot with Andrew Garfield taking over the title role from Tobey Maguire, Sony has decided to find another Fantastic Four Reboot Cast!


This is not the first Fantastic Four Reboot Cast

fantastic four reboot cast

fantastic four reboot cast

Most people think that the original Fantastic Four movie is the one that came out in 2005. It starred






Although the critics did not like the movie, the box office was great making 330 million worldwide with this Fantastic Four Reboot Cast.  Ok, I know what you are saying “if this was also a reboot cast, where are the originals?”


Before the Fantastic Four Reboot Cast


Before the Fantastic Four Reboot Cast, there was a cast that made up the very first Fantastic Four movie.  This movie was produced in 1994 and starred a group

fantastic four reboot cast

fantastic four reboot cast

of unknowns:

Alex Hyde-White as Mr. Fantastic “Reed Richards”
Jay Underwood as The Human Torch “Johnny Storm”
Rebecca Staab as The Invisible Girl “Sue Storm”
Michael Bailey Smith as Ben Grimm

Carl Ciarfalio as the Thing

Joseph Culp as Dr. Doom “Victor Von Doom”



It was never released but because I like you, I have found the entire movie that you can watch right here:



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