Does Money Buy Happiness After All?

This morning I learned the news was that Larry Hagman had died.  Now I remember him from reruns of I dream of Jeanne when I was a kid.  I liked the fact that his character’s name on the show was also Tony 🙂  As I got older, I was introduced to a entirely different role by the actor – the one of JR Ewing on the show Dallas.  Although when I caught the show I didn’t completely understand all that was going on, I was able to understand that it was about a family that had a lot of money but seemed to never have happiness unless it was at the expense of someone else.

It would be easy to come to the belief that money and happiness are mutual exclusive.  In fact, there are those who would say that if you hold this belief, it could create self-sabotage and hinder you from reaching your goals.  Check out this video to get some great information that speaks to this issue.


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