Before You Spend Your Money: The No-Spoiler Review of World War Z

Without spoiling the movie, I give my take on some of the new movies coming out and whether you should spend your dollars on them (also world war Zincluding a business success tip to look for in each and whether you need to stay past the credits for additional scenes).  Check it out!













Author: Tony

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Hans Schoff
Hans Schoff

I've heard some good reviews for this, looking forward to seeing it.

gounrulyjulie 1 Like

You know I'm a secret doomsday prepper, right?  Gotta be ready for the Zombies!!!   :D  This one is right up my alley!!


Hey Tony, you did give away a spoiler for me, because I didn't know what the Z stood for, and I would have maybe kept that a secret, but I know my nieces and nephews will probably love this money. Thanks for sharing this tip.

blessedbrother moderator

@sisseck well that's kind of apprent f you see the video but knowing that does not take away from the shocks in the film at all :)