Before You Spend Your Money: The No-Spoiler Review of White House Down

Without spoiling the movie, I give my take on some of the new movies coming out and whether you should spend your dollars on them (also including a business success tip to look for in each and whether you need to stay past the credits for additional scenes).  Check it out!white house down











Author: Tony

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Hans Schoff
Hans Schoff

Wasn't there a movie like this that came out called Olympus?  Seems like scripts leak out in Hollywood and its a rush to see who can film it there way first.  

sisseck 1 Like

I've been wanting to see this movie since I heard about it, and you review helps in me wanting to see it even more. The tip you give is a testament to the power of a video in a blog or on its own. Thanks for this post Tony.

gounrulyjulie 1 Like

Ahhh....  Channing Tatum...   I'll watch it just because he's in it.  ;-)  But the plot sounds cool too!!!  LOL