A Special Happy Birthday to You!

happy birthday

I just wanted to do something special for your birthday today,

because just typing Happy Birthday on your FaceBook Wall takes seconds to say!

But I was conflicted, how best to do the task…

What were my choices? Well I am glad you asked..

Should I get some lady Chipmunks to do the job?

or could Rover do it best?

Maybe a Beatle could Let It Be…

or we could do it creatively..

Perhaps some slapstick could best do the job….

or a fruity approach with a produce snob..

The Disney way is tried and true

But Beyonce can do it too!

The Pink Panther does it in a way so cool!

But cute dogs prevail – that is a rule!


Too many choices, I can’t make the call..

But it is your birthday, so enjoy them all!

Happy Birthday!

Author: Tony

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